Embedded Antenna Design


EAD is a designer and supplier of innovative multiband antenna solutions and associated products. Our antennas are designed for  telematics, telemetry and monitoring applications using both licensed and unlicensed frequencies.

EAD portfolio includes internal and external antennas designed to fit a range of handheld, portable and mobile device designs as well antenna solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

The products are deployed in applications using GSM, Cellular, 3G, GPS, ISM, WLAN and many other wireless technologies.

EAD specialize in PCB antennas for M2M applications covering cellular, GSM, 3G and Wireless LAN applications and can offer standard, semi-custom and customized solutions.

Their innovative range of RFID antennas are designed to complement UHF RFID readers.

We also supply low loss RF cabling, M2M adapter cables and a wide variety of pigtail cables with customized RF cables made to order in-house.