Trade Division


Tel-Ad Mobile Trade Division expertise in supplying cellular devices and spare parts.

Our strong and long term relationships with worldwide suppliers and customers give us the flexibility of trading all levels of cellular units, EOL models along with the newest trendy ones.

We supply wide range of cellular models, spare parts and accessories to all the MNO’s in Israel. Our products meet the highest quality demanded by the MNO’s professionals. While keeping strict supply time and budget requirements.






The division runs a technical lab, which works according to updated industry standards, using advanced tools and software. We work according to update internationals industry standards- ISO I900:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

 All products are inspected by our QC Department, before being shipped out. Our professional technical team reviews and approvals that all products and parts will arrive to their destination, with the highest quality standard.


Specific needs and requirements are deal in house by our lab team to give our customers the exact product specification they were looking for.