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Embedded Wireless Modules

Embedded Wireless Modules The industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of 2G, 3G and 4G wireless modules for mobile computing, industrial, and automotive applications

AirPrime® Embedded Wireless Modules

Essential Modules

Easy Integration, Proven Reliability

MC SERIES Sierra Wireless AirPrime® MC Series embedded modules deliver high speed connectivity with a variety of advanced air interfaces, including LTE frequencies,designed for industrial M2M and mobile computing solutions. These modules support LTE, HSPA+, HSPA+ and EV-DO to address networks worldwide...

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Smart Modules

Make Complex Simple with Smart Modules

SL Series AirPrime SL Series offers smart connectivity for consumer and industrial applications. Its standard 25 x 30 mm LGA (Land Grid Array) package allows fully automated manufacturing for high-volume production. Available in multiple air interfaces versions (EDGE, HSDPA, HSPA+, CDMA 1xRTT...

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Gateways and Modems

Wireless Gateways & Modems Rugged wireless gateways and modems providing mission-critical connectivity for industrial, enterprise, and transportation solutions

AirLink® Gateways and Modems

Programmable Modems

Building Tomorrow's M2M Systems

FX Series The AirLink FX Series provides a highly expandable M2M solution with quad-band EDGE connection. Expand your capabilities with optional X-cards to add functionalities of our choice such as Ethernet. Use available Sierra Wireless and third-party X-cards or simply develop your...

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Intelligent Gateways

Get Connected. Stay Connected.

RAVEN XE The AirLink™ Raven XE is a secure Ethernet gateway ideal for enterprise customers requiring 24/7 unmanned operation of remote assets and broadband connectivity. Remote configuration and troubleshooting capabilities virtually eliminate service calls to remote equipment, resulting in a quick...

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M2M Cloud

M2M Cloud Next-generation device management, easy access to data, and secure communication between connected devices and enterprise systems.

AirVantage® M2M Cloud

Enterprise Platform

The AirVantage Enterprise Platform offers advanced REST APIs along with powerful device and data management dashboards to quickly integrate actionable machine information into backend systems and applications. Moreover, its Management Service is a comprehensive device management application with interactive dashboards...

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Case Studies

Israel Railway

In 2012 Israel Railways has deployed a public WiFi network on its cars and in its stations. Motorola Solutions are the providers of Internet services for the entire railway system. More than 600 rail cars and 53 stations are offering passengers free wireless internet services. For achieving internet access on trains, Motorola are using Sierra Wireless Airlink GX400 robust MIL-Spec cellular gateway, offering reliability and high speed performance using the fastest 3G mobile technology. This solution provides a secured WiFi connectivity for more than 130 thousand passengers a day free of charge.... Read more

Live U

LiveU ( is the leader in portable live video acquisition, contribution and management solutions. LiveU offers a complete range of solutions for live HD video transmission supported by the only all-inclusive turnkey service package. For broadcast media, LiveU enables a shift in live video acquisition away from expensive satellite transmission, delivering a cost-effective cellular alternative that offers a resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing freedom of mobility in the field for all broadcast media outlets. For cellular connectivity, LiveU are using Sierra Wireless Airprime  3G ,CDMA and LTE MiniCard(MC) series which enable a better performance in the field by offering a wide broadband connectivity . The main concern that LiveU had when picking up a vendor for its cellular connectivity was having a product... Read more

Israeli Aerospace Industries

Israel Aerospace Industries is Israel's prime aerospace and aviation manufacturer, producing aerial systems for both military and civilian usage. IAI's Taxibot is a tow-bar-less robotic tractor that would allow both wide and narrow body commercial airplanes to taxi to and from the gate and the runway without using their jet engines, while remaining under full pilot control. The system requires no modifications to airliner fleets; this is under development by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in close cooperation with Airbus. This new-generation solution features a cockpit-operated driving system controlled by the pilot, which would be utilized after the aircraft has completed its typical “push-back” from an airport’s gate with a driver. The TaxiBot’s application opens the way for more efficient taxiing – with benefits... Read more


Metropoline operates public bus lines in southern and central Israel. The Metropoline corporate mission is to provide efficient, courteous, competitively priced, and dependable service to its public transportation. While Deploying advanced technologies to improve customers’ transportation experience and ensure their safety and comfort. Metropoline understood the importance of providing its customers with reliable, consistent Wi-Fi coverage and turned to a known innovator to help develop and roll-out a connectivity solution across bus lines. Metropoline tested several mobile connectivity devices before selecting the Sierra Wireless AirLink™ Helix RT commercial grade 3G router. Metropoline was impressed by the company’s local service, accessible web support and its overall reputation as an innovator. A complete networking and business continuity solution equipped with WAN failover and Wi-Fi access... Read more