Customized Tracking Devices

Lommy Pro II

Zero power tracking device for vehicles
The Lommy Pro II is power saving, environmental friendly tracking of your vehicles, boats, machinery and other assets
The Lommy Pro II gives you maximum flexibility and high functionality with a minimum of power consumption.
Thanks to its internal movement sensor and to the new Flextrack Zero Power concept, the Lommy Pro II is only alive and active when you want it to.

Its small size and robust housing allows it to be mounted anywhere.
It is only 14 mm thick and the size of a credit card.

It will never empty the battery in your vehicles, machinery or boat, even if it is not charged for a period.

Lommy Personal

Unique tracing of individuals and valuables
Lommy Personal is the tracking and emergency device, which guarantees you protection at all times.
With Lommy Personal you will never get lost, you can feel safe and you can protect the people around you.
The Lommy will record any events happening.
The internal battery is large and will ensure an extremely long operating time between charges.
Its highly sensitive GPS receiver allows it to operate even in the most difficult conditions.
A version with extended high capacity battery is also available