About Tel-Ad Mobile


Tel-Ad Mobile is a major Israeli distributor, Importer and Exporter of mobile phones and cellular devices. Our portfolio includes refurbished and used phones, tablets, cellular modems, routers and modules. The company has over 15 years experience in the cellular industry, and offers grand ability to source and supply wide range of handset models, spare parts, accessories and other service related product for the after sale support market of mobile phones.


Our global business network of connections, along with our depth knowledge of the industry, gives us the ability to provide the right products and solutions to our customers.
Our professional team of sales and purchase agents, as well as technical team, logistic and finance, will make sure follow-through on every deal to ensure our suppliers and customers' success

Why us?

We treat our customers and vendors as partners. We believe that working together to achieve mutual goals is the best way to succeed.
We offer our wide knowledge and experience in the cellular industry, along with dedicated professional team capabilities. Quality, high level of service and accurate fulfillment of our customer demands is our way of doing business.

Environmental Commitment

Tel-Ad Mobile Ltd is committed to environmental issues in all of our activities.
Our commitment is based on the following principles:
• Achieving high environmental awareness among our employees.
• Providing a safe and healthy workplace and ensuring that employees are properly trained and have
appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
• Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, and using recyclable packaging paper and
other materials.
• Meeting all applicable municipal and governmental regulations and requirements.
• Using manufacturing processes that do not adversely affect the environment, including improving operations
and technologies to minimize waste, prevent pollution, minimize health and safety risks, and dispose of
waste safely and responsibly.